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10 Amazing Best Front-End Development Tools In 2021

There are a lot of Front-End Development Tools which can help developers improve in User Interface and User Experience (UI – UX) on their development project and career.

10 Unmissable Best Front-End Development Tools In 2021.

Mono or MonoTouch.

Mono is a .NET Application-compatible software framework that is free and open source. It was subsequently acquired by Novell, initially by Ximian, and is now being led by Xamarin, a Microsoft subsidiary, and the .NET Foundation. It is possible to run Mono on several software systems.


Felgo (formerly V-Play Engine until February 2019) is a cross-platform development tool, based on the Qt architecture, It can be used to build applications or games. On iOS, Linux, Windows Phone, embedded devices and desktop devices, Felgo applications and games are supported.

To build smartphone applications and games, Felgo developers use QML, JavaScript and C++.


Wakanda is a forum for JavaScript for the creation and running of online or mobile applications.

It’s also based on open-label platforms such as AngularJS, Ionic, Node.js and TypeScript and is supported on Linux (deployment only), Microsoft Windows and macOS (Studio development).


OutSystems is a low-code framework that provides enterprises with the tools to build, deliver and operate enterprise omnichannel applications.

OutSystems has been among the best front-end development tools and it was formed in 2001 in Lisbon, Portugal, currently has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, with offices in 11 countries.


NetBeans is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Java. NetBeans facilitates the creation of applications from a series of components of modular software called modules.

NetBeans has been one the best Front-End Development Tools and it operates on Windows, macOS, Solaris, and Linux. It has extensions for other languages including PHP, C, C++, HTML5, and JavaScript, in addition to Java development.

Adobe Flash Lite

Adobe Flash Lite is a simplified edition of Adobe Flash Player, a software framework for displaying Flash content published by Adobe Systems. Flash Lite works on computers that are unable to play Flash Player, such as cell phones and other Wii, Chumby and Iriver handheld electronic devices.

Flash Lite is one of the best front-end development tools and it helps users of these devices to access multimedia content and applications that were previously available only on personal computers that were created using Adobe Flash technologies.

Intel XDK front-end development tools

Intel XDK

Intel XDK has been among the best front-end development tools and had been an Interactive Programming Platform developed by Intel to use web technology such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to build native cell phone and tablet applications.


The accelerator is a collection of development solutions for IBM I and Windows platforms using .NET Framework, and/or LANSA, technologies provided by Surround Technologies

The programming architecture of Accelerator is a method for developing Windows and Web applications within a standardized context.

Lazarus (IDE)

Using the Free Pascal compiler, Lazarus is a free cross-platform visual optimized development environment (IDE) for fast application development (RAD). Its aim is to provide programmers with the Object Pascal language with an easy-to-use programming environment.

Lazarus is one of the best front-end development tools because software developers use Lazarus to build desktop, handheld devices, online apps, web servers, visual elements and feature libraries on a range of various platforms, including Mac, Linux and Windows, for native-code console and graphical user interface (GUI) applications.

Mendix front-end development tools


Mendix is an American low-code development platform company that offers applications with tools for designing, testing, distributing and iterating. The business was founded in 2005 and was purchased in 2018 by Siemens.

Mendix been one of the best front-end development tools In October 2011, with its first round of venture capital investment, Mendix received $13 million. Prime Ventures, with additional involvement from HENQ Invest, which supported an unnamed sum in 2006, led the investment.

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