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10 Tips to Improve your Web Design Skill

The aim of this post on how to improve your web design skill is to educate you on how to create a professional website that will enhance the bounce rate and performance of a website.

The ultimate thing about a website is how it can convince and attract people to linger on a website longer and it’s called bounce rate.

10 Tips to Improve your Web Design Skill.

  1. Plan your Project.
  2. Add Social Media Share and Follow Button.
  3. Add Call to Action Button.
  4. Add Forms.
  5. Make Spaces.
  6. Add Breadcrumb.
  7. Add Animations.
  8. Make Navigation Easy.
  9. Try Eye Catching Banner.
  10. Consider Mobile Friendly.

Visiting a landing page can be really bad and the first thing you saw on the landing page is full of dispersed fonts, unorganized colours of styling and breaking sections.

Let’s take a look at the 10 tips to improve your web design skill.

Plan your Project.

Before you start designing or developing a website, you need to sketch out what you think that the website needs, depending on the type of website you’re working on.

Planning your project is a step to take for you to improve your web design skill.

You have to make sure that the website you’re about to start the project meets up the requirements that it needs.

Some of the things you have to plan or map out are;

  1. How the website Navigation Menu will look.
  2. How many sections the website will have.
  3. How the website page structure will look like. etc.

Add Social Media Share and Follow Button.

Social Media buttons are one of the core aspects that makes a website excellent, allowing users and website visitors to connect and share website activities on Social Media.

One of the main aspects that will improve your web design skills is Social Media Share and Fellow Button.

You need to know the right place to place the Social Media button on your website. And it will be easier for users to locate the buttons at the time needed.

Add Call to Action Button.

The first to know is what Call to Action Button means and you getting the examples of Call to Action Button which will guide you on how you can go about your website Call to Action Button.

One of the main aspects that will improve your web design skills is the Call to Action Button.

Some of the Call to Action Button you can use on a website are;

  • Submit.
  • Subscribe.
  • Sign Up.
  • Sign In.
  • Reserve Your Seat.
  • Try Our Free Trial.
  • Download Whitepaper.
  • Add to Cart.
  • Register. etc

Add Forms.

Forms have a vital role to play on a website but the question is where to place a form or a website and how it can improve your web design skill.

Adding a form on a website depends on the role in which you want the form to play on the website and by deciding the role the form will play then you will design the kind and type of form that will suit its purpose.

some of the examples of forms are;

  • Contact Forms.
  • Subscribe Forms.
  • Support Requests.
  • Agreement Forms.
  • Qualify Prospect Forms.
  • Sign-Off Milestones.
  • Customer Feedback Forms.
  • Consultation or Schedule Forms.

With these types of forms listed above, a website designer can be able to place the kind of form that a particular website needs and in the right position.

Make Spaces.

Making spaces does mean that a website developer should make the entire website to have white spacing all over.

But rather, the sections and the content of the website should not be too congested and should be neat.

You can also watch how to make a text logo.

Add Breadcrumb.

As a professional website designer, you’ve to know the important of breadcrumb on the website which will improve your web design skill.

Breadcrumb helps users to navigate backwards and forward within a website and helps users to identify their location on a website.

Add Animations.

Animations are one of the key features that modify a website and makes it look good and pleasant.

As a website developer or design, you should try and add some animation on your projects, at least in some sections of the website.

Make Navigation Easy.

The navigation layout of your website has an enormous effect on conversions, purchases, and bounce rates.

When you improve any website navigation menu for users friendly so you’re going to improve your web design skill.

Users and visitors will always leave your website if they can’t locate what they’re looking for in your website.

The best thing to do in order not to lose users and visitor is to design custom, structured website navigation menu that will enable your users and visitors to quickly find what they want.

Makes sure that within 3 clicks, your website navigation framework can allow users and visitors to arrive on every page on your website and find what they need.

Remember that if you want to keep visitors clicking on your website links, you should give them a good reason to click on the links.

Try Eye Catching Banner.

Website banners are perfect opportunities for a widespread of messages, information or advertisement to a larger audience.

However, with website banners, you convince a user or a new visitor to take action on a website.

For you to improve your web design skill, you must know that a website banner has a large role to play on a website.

Consider Mobile Friendly.

The best thing you can offer your website users and visitors is to make your website mobile-friendly and as a developer or designer, it will help you to improve your web design skill.

When designing a website develop a mobile-friendly version of the website, so you can keep track of the environment that is constantly mobile.


Thanks very much for your precious time that you gave out to read through this post.

I believe that this post will help you improve your website design skill that you will use your skill to work for the masses.

Should in case you have a question, complain or contribution kindly scroll to the comment box and comment or you head to our contact page and contact us. Thanks

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