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5 Critical Things That Reduce Website Loading Speed.

Website loading speed matters a lot when it comes to rating a website and that’s why we want to outline some critical things that reduce website loading speed.

Imaging you trying to visit a website and it keeps on loading for long, how will you feel? You can just get out of the website without been told.

That’s why we want to list out five 5 critical things that reduce website loading speed.

website loading speed

Why Loading Speed is Important?

Website loading speed in very important due to its impact to website user experience and search engine optimization

On Friday, April 09, 2010, Google announced that a website speed will have an impact on a website ranking on the search engine results. This means that if a website has a good loading speed time, it will help the website to rank higher than other websites that have slow loading speed on search engine results.

However, on June 11, 2013, Google’s Matt Cutts announced that Slow-performing mobile websites would soon also be penalized in search rankings. And this revealed that the true definition of “site speed” remained open to speculation.

A website with poor performance results in a poor user experience, and search results warrant less promotion on websites with poor user experiences.

So any website with low loading speed will always lose visitors because website visitors don’t usually have much patience to wait for a website to load for a longer time.

5 Critical Things That Reduce Website Loading Speed.

  1. Image Files.
  2. Media Files Upload.
  3. Too Much CSS and JavaScript Files.
  4. Code Bugs.
  5. Bad Hosting Services

Image Files.

A lot of people don’t know that some type of image files affects website loading speed but we will go dipper to know this type of image files that reduce a website loading speed.

Before we go further to know how image files reduce website loading speed then we need to know and understand the types of the image file extension.

Types of Image Files

  1. JPEG (or JPG) – Joint Photographic Experts Group
  2. PNG – Portable Network Graphics
  3. GIF – Graphics Interchange Format
  4. TIFF – Tagged Image File
  5. PSD – Photoshop Document
  6. AI – Adobe Illustrator Document
  7. INDD – Adobe Indesign Document
  8. PDF – Portable Document Format
  9. EPS – Encapsulated Postscript
  10. RAW – Raw Image Formats

How Image Files Reduce Website Loading Speed?

The interesting fact is that JPED or JPG images do not have the same size as PNG images and note that the higher an image size the higher it reduces a page loading time.

Too large image files take longer time to load and as it is been taking a long time to load so shall the website takes longer time to load its content.

Which image format is best for websites? Is JPG or PNG better for Websites?

I know by now your question will now be which image format is best for websites. Is JPG or PNG better for websites?

Now, the answer to this question is that JPG images are the best choice for a website than png images because png image sizes are very higher than jpg images which can cause slow website loading speed.

Media Files Upload.

Yes in some case you are required to add some images, audio files or videos to content on your website but the truth is that it’s better you embed a media file that to upload it.

Because uploaded media files help to reduce a website loading speed but when you embed a media file on a website through its file URL.

Too Much CSS and JavaScript Files.

This section will be more clearer to someone that has knowledge of CSS and JavaScript because many website developers make mistake while developing a website by creating many CSS and JavaScript file on the project folder which causes a website to load slowly while trying to load the code from this files.

Try to make sure that you minimize how many file you create for CSS and JavaScript while developing a website.

Code Bugs.

Code bugs is what one the things that reduces website loading speed but many don’t know about this.

So it’s important to get ride of bugs on your website in order to allow your website to load faster.

Bad Hosting Services that reduces website loading speed

Bad Hosting Services.

Is good for you to understand that bad web hosting server can cause slow website loading speed and when you are about to host any website, make sure that the web hosting provider server is fast and reliable.

Another key point is that free web hosting or cheap web hosting can come with down and low hosting server which will affect your website loading speed.

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