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5 obvious mistakes website owners make.

There are lots of mistakes website owners make due to the vast spread of technology around the world and website has become what every individual, organization, business and companies needs and it has brought a lot of confusion which has caused mistakes and confusion among website owners because thousands of website are been created every day while thousands of web pages are been deleted from the internet every day

There has been a situation where a website owner will instruct a website developer to add what is not good nor suitable for a particular website.

Therefore we’re going to detail out the critical mistakes website owners make which are seriously affecting a lot of websites.

5 Critical mistakes website owners make.

If you are a website owner, you have to go through the below listed mistakes website owners make and adjust yourself.

The hidden truth is that when you lose any website visitor or website users, you’re indirectly losing a lot of money.

The mistakes are as fellow;

  • Poor Website Maintenance.
  • Poor Navigation Structure.
  • Unorganized Content.
  • No Call to Action Button.
  • No Social Media Button.

1. Poor Website Maintenance.

Many website owners neglect website maintenance and it has been one of the major mistakes website owners make due to they think that paying a website developer for website maintenance is wasting of money but they don’t know the value and importance of website maintenance.

Not Maintaining a website can lead to breakdown of a website.

Even if you don’t want to pay a website developer for your website maintenance but at least you should know some common way to maintain a website.

When your website is not regularly maintained your website will have a lot of bugs and bugs on a website makes a website vulnerable to attack.

2. Poor Navigation Structure.

On a previous post on 10 Tips to Improve your Web Design Skill, we discussed that navigation structure improves website.

As a website owner, you should allow your website developer to add a perfect and befitting website navigation structure that suits your kind of website, or if your developer didn’t do it well try and advice the developer to do it properly.

Another best way to organise website navigation is to add a breadcrumb to a website so that it will help a website visitor and user to identify and navigate to any location of the website pages he/she want to with ease.

3. Unorganized Content.

Unorganized content is one of the mistakes website owners make and it is a nasty habit in a website, this will make your website look untidy and when a website looks scattered it will not be attractive to visitor or users.

Create Categories, Tags and Pages and use them and organize all the website content in good shape and in a categorized template.

4. No Call to Action Button.

No call to action button on a website is another mistakes website owners make and No Call to Action button is one of the key features of a quality website.

Call to action button is one of the ways to engage your website audience and have them click through the button to perform some quick actions on your website.

5. No Social Media Button.

Social Media Button is very important on a website, however, many website owners make mistakes by not adding a social media button on their website.

Social media button helps to grow your website social media pages through the website.

You can add a social media button that will enable your website audience to share your website content on social media with ease.

There is still an option for you to add a social media button that will enable your website audience to click and like or follow you on your social media page.

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