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9 Outstanding Must-Know Best Mobile App Testing Tools

This article will list out about 9 best mobile app testing tools which I think mobile application developers should try.

However, there was a time when a mobile application was been tested within the development environment of the project with the use of emulators, thereafter the use of field testing was introduced.

Meanwhile, Emulators offer a cost-effective way to test apps that developers do not have physical access to on mobile phones.

Nine 9 Best Mobile App Testing Tools


TestiPhone is among the Best Mobile App Testing Tools and is a web browser-based simulator for fast and easy testing of iPhone web application, meanwhile, this tool has been test-run and confirmed for using Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.

Windows UI Automation

Windows UI Automation is one of the Best Mobile App Testing Tools and is a test application that uses the Microsoft UI Automation Technology that requires Windows Automation API 3.0.

You can install it using Windows Update or download it from the Microsoft Website and it is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and later versions of Windows.

The official Android SDK Emulator

The official Android SDK Emulator a mobile phone emulation that mimics all of a traditional mobile device’s hardware and software features (without the calls)

MobiOne Developer

MobiOne Developer has been Best Mobile App Testing Tools and is a mobile Web Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Windows Operating System which will help developers code, debug, package, test and deploy a mobile web application to mobile devices like BlackBerry, Palm Pre, iPhone and Android.

Google Android Emulator

Google Android Emulator is among the Best Mobile App Testing Tools used by developers and it is an Android emulator that has been modified to serve as a stand-alone application on a Windows PC, without having to download and install the full and complicated Android SDK. It can be installed and can be checked with compatible Android applications.

BlackBerry Simulator

BlackBerry Simulator: To emulate the features of real BlackBerry devices, a number of official BlackBerry simulators are available to test how the program, computer, keyboard and track-wheel of the system can behave for the application.


EggPlant is GUI-based automated test tool for the mobile app across all operating systems and devices.

The software was developed by Redstone Software (a subsidiary of Gresham Computing) and is a black-box GUI test automation platform developed by Doug Simons, Jonathan Gillaspie and John McIntosh in Boulder, Colorado.


Ranorex is a platform for GUI test automation
offered by Ranorex GmbH, a software development firm.
For desktop, web-based and smartphone apps,
the platform is used for research.


Testdroid: Real mobile devices and test automation tools for testing mobile and web apps.

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