Kanye West is being Accused by Walmart for its Yeezy's copycat logo.

Kanye West is being Accused by Walmart for its Yeezy’s copycat logo.

Reports has it that Walmart has filed a complain to the United State (US) Patent and Trademark Office, against Kanye West for copycat logo regarding on the proposed logo for Kanye West’s brand which fashion giant claims that looks suspiciously similar to the logo of the Walmart. Walmart claimed in its lawsuit, filed last week […]

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How to encrypt password on client side using JavaScript

How to encrypt password on client side using JavaScript.

This post is going to teach and guide you on how to encrypt password on client side using JavaScript and note that password encryption is very important and necessary because the translation of login data into a hidden code is known as password encryption  and reading an encrypted password necessitates decryption, industry-standard encryption is the most […]

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UX Design Thinking

6 Greatest UX Design Thinking Process You Must Know.

What is Design Thinking? Design thinking is the practice of creating design ideas, proposals for goods, buildings, machines, communications, and so on through cognitive, strategic, and functional processes. Meanwhile, many of the core principles and facets of design theory have been discovered by studies of design perception and design behavior in both experimental and natural environments, covering […]

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UX Deliverables For UX Designers

Top 5 Ultimate Best UX Deliverables For UX Designers.

The reason for this post on most used UX deliverables for UX designers is that UX designers are responsible for a variety of projects, and as a result, they use a variety of deliverables to convey their design concepts and testing results to investors so the standards for UX specification documentation vary depending on the […]

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Data Communication Center

4 Remarkable Fundamental Characteristics Of Data Communication Effectiveness.

The reality is that data communication effectiveness is determined by four fundamental characteristics, which we will discuss in this post. However, the effectiveness of a data communication system determines its consistency. First and foremost, let us consider what data communication entails; whether you are familiar with it or not, it is important for you to […]

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