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4 Remarkable Fundamental Characteristics Of Data Communication Effectiveness.


The reality is that data communication effectiveness is determined by four fundamental characteristics, which we will discuss in this post. However, the effectiveness of a data communication system determines its consistency.

First and foremost, let us consider what data communication entails; whether you are familiar with it or not, it is important for you to be aware of it.

What is Data Communication?

Data communication is the process of sending and receiving data between two machines, device or computers using a transmitting medium such as cable wires.

Note that in order for it to take place, the communication device must be part of a communication system consisting of a combination of hardware and software.

The Four 4 Types of Fundamental Characteristics Of Data Communication Effectiveness.

As we have stated before that the four fundamental characteristics of data communication effectiveness, which we will address in this article, decide the usefulness of it and the accuracy of a data communication system, on the other hand, decides its efficiency.


The delivery entails that the system must deliver data to the correct destination and the data must be received by the intended device or user and only by that device or user.


The accuracy entails that the system must deliver the data accurately and makes sure that the data have been altered in the transmission and left uncorrected are unusable.


The timeliness entails that the system must deliver data in a timely manner and any data delivered late are unless.

Timeliness for Audio and Video.

This entails that delivering data as they are produced, in the same order that they are produced and without any significant delay and it is called real-time transmission.


Jitter refers to the variation in the packet arrival time. However, It is an uneven delay in the delivery of audio or video packets. For
example, let us assume that video packets are sent every 30 ms. If
some of the packets arrive with 30-ms delay and others with
40-ms delay, an uneven quality in the video is the result.

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