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The Most Essential 5 Must-Have Software For Web Developers

There are some essential software for web developers to have and this software are what any website developer whether beginner or a professional website developer must have in order to take your web development career to another level.

You can agree with me that the development of a website does not only rely on programming language but there some software which is needed to start a website development project.

Below we are going to look into the most essential must-have software for web developers.

Five Must-Have Software for Web Developers.

1. Text Editor.

text editor software for web developers

Text Editor is one of the most essential software which any web developer must have, however, there are many text editor out there and it’s left for anybody to choose the one he/she wants to use.

A text editor is a background to start a web development project and below are some best text editor that will serve you better.

  1. Atom.
  2. Visual Studio Code.
  3. Vim
  4. NotePad++
  5. TextMate

2. Browser.

browsers software  for web developers

Browser is another key thing to look out for as a website developer but the main thing to consider is which browser is better for web development and which of them will make your project easier and simple for you.

There are lots of browsers out there but we are going to list out the browsers that will suit a web developer.

Below are some most used web browsers for developers.

  1. Firefox Developer Edition
  2. Google Chrome for Developers
  3. Opera Developer browser
  4. Safari for Developers
  5. Polypane

3. Photo Editing Software.

image editing software for web developers

Photo Editor Software is essential software for web developers because some website developers need to edit images for his/her project while developing a website.

Developers uses photo editor to crop, add effect or add design what ever that will suit their projects.

Below are some best photo editor to look out for.

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe Firework
  3. Adobe Illustrator
  4. PaintShop Pro
  5. CorelDRAW

4. Video Editing Software.

video editing software for web developers

Video editing software is on kind software for web developers which any website developer should have on his/her system because it will help you to edit any video of your choice.

Below are list of video editing software a website developer should have.

  1. Adobe Premiere
  2. OpenShot Video Editor.
  3. ShotCut
  4. Lightworks

5. Code Validator


Validating your code while developing a website is a very professional step to take and that’s why website developers should look for best code validator to validate your project.

The aim of Validating a code is to check errors on your code and using code validator will help you find the errors in your project and it will point out the errors with the step to solve it.

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