Kanye West is being Accused by Walmart for its Yeezy's copycat logo.

Kanye West is being Accused by Walmart for its Yeezy’s copycat logo.

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Reports has it that Walmart has filed a complain to the United State (US) Patent and Trademark Office, against Kanye West for copycat logo regarding on the proposed logo for Kanye West’s brand which fashion giant claims that looks suspiciously similar to the logo of the Walmart.

Walmart claimed in its lawsuit, filed last week and published Tuesday by Bloomberg, that Kanye West’s Yeezy’s proposed design “is likely to create misunderstanding, error, and fraud” among customers, possibly leading them to equate Yeezy’s goods with Walmart.

Yeezy’s proposed logo, on the left, and Walmart’s latest logo, on the right. Yeezy, Walmart, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The design is defined in the filing as being ‘eight dotted lines, each containing three totally shaded circles, with a total of 24 circles, arranged at equal angles as rays from a sun’. When compared to Walmart’s logo, it appears to be somewhat similar, but Walmart’s logo has just six lines, which are much thicker. There’s also the fact that it’s made up of dots instead of straight lines.

An Eight three-dot spokes radiate outward in a star-like formation, according to Yeezy’s proposed logo. Six sturdy spokes with rounded ends make up Walmart’s mark, which has been in use since 2007.

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