There might be a variety of reasons why a client believes they are due a refund.
Customers can use the refund request form to seek a refund. When a refund request is filed for a Theme, Web, or Code item, it is usually sent to the item’s creator for approval. Customers will receive an email with a link to file a dispute if they do not hear from you within 7 days of submitting their order.

  • The pending refund requests are sent to the authors.
  • The refund request is a shared page that may be viewed by both the author and the consumer.
  • Authors and customers can use the comment feature to debate the request if required.
  • Within their dashboard, authors have access to a refund tab where they may see open and closed refund requests.
  • A notification box on the dashboard displays a summary of all open and new refund requests.

How can I know whether a refund request has been made?

The pending reimbursement request is informed to authors through email and the Author Dashboard. The Refunds Tab, where fresh requests and unread comments are clearly labelled, may be used to manage refund requests. If you receive a refund request, you have five days to answer. You may utilize this time to offer assistance or to search for alternate solutions to any problems that may arise.

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