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4 Things To Stop For Your Phone Battery To Last Longer

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Everybody wants his/her phone battery to last longer but the key thing to know is what you can do to make your phone battery to last longer and that’s what this post is all about.

Phone battery not lasting longer sometimes are caused by phone users or by some applications running on the phone and sometimes cause by some phone technical issues.

Carlcare has already emphasized on the things to avoid to make your mobile phone battery to last longer but phone users haven’t still adhered to this warning which has damage their phone battery.

Things to avoid for your phone battery to last longer.

1. Avoid Using your phone while it is on charge.

This is very common among phone user but its very bad to make use of phone when it is charging because this can lead to the damage of the phone battery and when the phone battery is faulty the battery will not be strong as before.

Many people use their phone to play games sometimes because the phone battery is low and they can’t wait for the phone to charge fully before they continue their game and they will decide to continue the game while the phone is charging and this will reduce the life-span of the phone battery.

Another critical mistake you should avoid is using your phone to make or answer calls while the phone is charging, this is very dangerous and it is hazardous.

Avoid using your phone while charging in order for your phone battery to last longer.

2. Overcharging your Phone.

Overcharging a phone is another critical thing to stop if you want your phone battery to last longer.

It’s very important to time your phone while its on charge so that you can unplug it immediately when it has charged fully.

The best way to avoid this to set a reminder on your phone to notify you when your phone is fully charged so that you can avoid overcharging your phone.

3. Avoid Installing Unnecessary Application.

A lot of people are fund of installing a mobile application that is not useful to them and this application is some of the things that drain your phone’s battery.

The best thing you should always do for your mobile phone battery to last longer is to uninstall all unnecessary application on your phone.

4. Using Phone till it will Start Overheating.

Phone Overheating is part of the things that make runs phone battery down so, in order to for your phone battery to last longer, you have to make sure that you avoid what will overheat your phone.

The best thing to do is to download a CPU Phone Cooler from Google Playstore so that it will help to cool your phone when it is about to start overheating.

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