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Top Free 5 Best PHP Frameworks

There are many Best PHP Frameworks out there which developers can make use of them while handling a PHP project because PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) has been one of the most popular web programming languages which is used by millions of website developers around the world.

Record has proven that PHP is used by 82% of web servers and this will enlighten you on how important PHP is to website development.

Top Best PHP Frameworks

Earlier on this website, we have blogged about 10 Amazing Best Front-End Development Tools but in this article, we are going to write and list out these best PHP Frameworks that you need to check out.


Laravel is one of the most used popular free PHP Frameworks which many PHP developers have tried and they certified that it has what it takes to develop web applications.

Laravel was created by Taylor Otwell on June 9, 2011, with the intention to create an open-source PHP framework that makes work easier for website developer while handling a PHP Web Development Project.

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP framework in which you can download the source code at GitHub for free.


CodeIgniter is another free best PHP Frameworks loved by web developers due to its ability to build dynamics website with PHP web programming language.

CodeIgniter was first released on February 28, 2006, by EllisLab, and it has been an open-source PHP framework in which you download the source code from GitHub for free.


CakePHP is a free and open-source PHP framework which most web developers have been using in their website development project 2005 and it has been reliable.

CakePHP is among the best PHP frameworks released in April 2005 by a Polish programmer Michal Tatarynowicz who wrote a minimal version of a rapid application development framework in PHP.

CakePHP is a free PHP framework and its Source Code is also available on GitHub for free download.


Symfony is another free PHP framework published on October 18, 2005, with the sponsor of SensioLabs, a French software developer and professional services provider.

Symfony has been one of the best PHP frameworks and a priority for website developers due to its feature, speed and job well that it has provided for website developers.

You download Symfony source code from GitHub for free.


Silex is one of the free PHP framework used by web developers around the world and it is based on Symfony, Twig (template engine) and Doctrine (database abstraction).

Silex is a free PHP framework and open-source PHP framework can be downloaded Silex source code for free on GitHub.

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