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When Building A Website, 10 Best practices To Follow.

Building a website is a whole lot of work, and there are several practices you should follow to set your website apart from others on the internet, and these practices are what this article will go over with you.

The reality is that there are over 1.88 billion websites on the internet, which means that there is a lot of rivalry among websites. One way to set your website apart is to make it have some characteristics that other websites don’t have.

When Building A Website, Follow These Best Practices.

Below are some best practices to apply when building a website;

1. Minimize Your Webpage Scrolling Lenght.

You may imagine how frustrating it is to keep scrolling through a webpage for several minutes before reaching the footer area.

So to avoid this, you have to reduce the length of time it takes to scroll across your website because not all website visitors have the patience to keep scrolling an endless website page and this cause the website visitor to exit the website because of impatience of scrolling.

2. Your website should be divided into pages.

Instead of letting your website’s scrolling length grow indefinitely, you should shorten it by establishing pages that contain all of the sections you want to add in one place, making it easier for people to find the page they want to visit.

Yes, many website specialists will tell you that having too many pages on your website is bad, but I’m here to tell you that having up to ten pages isn’t bad at all.

3. Consider Using A Button That Prompts Users To Take Action.

Although the call to action buttons are one of the most prominent elements that distinguish a website from others, this does not mean that you should fill your website with them.

Consider including a call to action button on your website that allows users to contact you by phone or email, as well as follow and share your posts on social media. These are known as social media buttons.

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4. Branding Your Website Colour.

This is another factor that should be considered while building a website, as it is bad to visit a website and see a rainbow of colors.

What I mean is that while building a website, strive to brand it with colors that make it stand out, since these colors will always aid in the website’s buildtification.

5. Try A Good Navigation Link Structure.

Internal link architecture, also known as website navigation links, are the connections that connect the pages on your website. The basic goal of website navigation is to make it easy for people to discover information on your site. Search engines utilize the navigation on your website to find and index new pages.

Good navigation link structure is a one of the aspect that you need to put in practice while building a website and this links are what helps your website visitors to navigate around your website with ease.

6. Good Allignment Of Website Content.

A good website should have a pleasant content alignment that will makes it simple for visitors to have a good user experience. When building a website, try to keep in mind the practice of aligning your website content in a way that suits your website structure.

There main three types of alignment on a website which are, align left, align right and align center or justify. So you should align your website content base on its structure and sections.

7. Website Responsiveness.

The term “Website Responsive” refers to the ability of a website’s content or layout to adapt to the various screen sizes on which it is presented. The layout of this website may change from that of mobile if you are viewing it on a desktop computer. The components, on the other hand, will be almost identical. This is due to the responsive design of marketing91. The smaller the screen of the browser you’re using becomes, the more the site adjusts to the new size.

A responsive website design is a type of web design that is coded to present layout effectively across a range of screen sizes and devices. To achieve this responsiveness, a specific code known as CSS Media Queries is utilized, which starts with @Media and its one of the most considered factor when building a website.

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8. Consider your page loading speed.

If you need an answer quickly, Google recommends a page load speed of less than two seconds: “Two seconds is the bar for ecommerce website acceptability.”  Google strive for a response time of less than a half-second.” When it comes to customer service, speed is crucial.

When building a website, you should avoid things that will reduce your website loading speed because this can cause visitors to exit your website if it take long to load.

9. Use shorter paragraphs whenever possible.

Take use of paragraph breaks. Longer paragraphs are OK, but I prefer to restrict my homepage paragraphs to a few phrases. It’s also crucial not to go overboard. When you have too much of a good thing, you have too much of a negative thing.

Each paragraph should begin with new information so that those scrolling can immediately see if they need to read that paragraph. By removing superfluous content from your sites, you may decrease clutter while also emphasizing your call-to-action always try this when building a website Reduce the size of the text.

Fill your pages with little chunks of text rather than large blocks of information. I’m not talking about blog entries, which must occasionally go into detail (as this one does!). I’m referring to your web sites (e.g. homepage, landing page). Keep the text to a bare minimum in this section.

You want your website visitors to know all there is to know about you, your company, your brand, and your items. However, you must learn to communicate that narrative in a few phrases or, better yet, a few words and this is one of the best practice to consider when building a website

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